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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Kato Asites, Greece

Cooking Experience & Wine Tasting

Cooking Experience & Wine Tasting - Kato Asites, Greece

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Kato Asites, Greece

From USD

We have been born and bred in Crete for more than three generations. So, the Cretan lifestyle & diet runs in our veins ... More info ›

We have been born and bred in Crete for more than three generations. So, the Cretan lifestyle & diet runs in our veins. Along with my mother, we would love to share with you all the secrets of traditional Cretan cuisine, cook authentic Cretan recipes and learn cooking techniques that we follow for more than 3 generations.

Moreover, Diamantakis Winery produces one of the most quality Cretan wines with a lot of awards. Also it is a family winery who loves their occupation, do it for decades and they are expert in wines! They are going to share with you interesting things as far as wines are concerned, they will guide you in their vineyards and in their wine cellar. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the winery.

All in all, we want to make you feel like a local Cretan. We want to immerse you in Cretan culture & spirit. Smell, taste & feel our tradition, through a unique hands-on cooking experience & wine tasting!

You are going to cook a 3-course meal under the instructions of mama Stella, our specialist in traditional Cretan cuisine. Pure and natural ingredients will be used during our cooking class. All the equipment and your personal apron will be provided by us. Local homemade refreshments and water will provided,too.

In the meanwhile, you will have a guided tour in Diamantakis Winery, you are going to learn interesting things about local Cretan wine, be astonished by the view and taste 7 different kind of wines!

After your cooking experience and your guided tour, you will be able to enjoy your own creations with the company of a glass of wine!!!

The event will last approximately 3 to 3.5 hours and it will take place in Diamantakis Winery! In the end, you will receive a personal gift bag with organic products from our family farm! Furthermore, all recipes and photographs from your experience will be send to you via email.

Sample Menu

• Dolmadakia - The ultimate traditional dish! It consisted from grape leaves and a mix of rice and a variety of fresh seasonal vegetables!
• Maggiri or Skioufixta or Kokkinisto or Snails with Wheat and many others!!! - Completely traditional dishes. It is Cretan pasta, or lamb with tomato sauce etc. We are going to select the one which match best in your taste!
• Sarikopites or Kalitsounia - The ultimate Cretan pie! We are going to make them, fry them and then add Cretan honey on the top!

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