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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Volos, Greece

Lato Cruiser RENT CABIN

Lato Cruiser RENT CABIN - Volos, Greece

Duration: 7 days
Location: Volos, Greece

From USD

Cabin charter in a gulet is ideal for couples, groups of friends or families. You can book your own private cabin for cruising ... More info ›

Cabin charter in a gulet is ideal for couples, groups of friends or families. You can book your own private cabin for cruising. Dinning area on the deck as well as the comfortable spaces on the deck will be your most favorable places while you sailing.

Get your party together or get to know the new people while exploring and enjoying the unseen nature from your blue cruise holiday.

With almost 100 days to go until the new year, our thoughts are turning to future plans for sailing and where in the world to charter a yacht in 2020.

If you’re thinking about trying somewhere different for your sailing holiday next year, let us inspire you.

When to go to Greece

The weather tends to be hot from May until end of September. High season is July and August. Although quieter in June and late September, weather conditions are still good.


Blue cruise in Greece is a dream holiday for individuals,

couples or friends who want to share the experience of a gulet with other people on board. We offer many itineraries for our clients who like to book a cabin for their gulet holidays in Greece. You must be having a lot of questions to be cleared before you book your desired itinerary. Above-given list is our itineraries for the great Greek islands for your dream gulet vacation. We are always dedicated to provide every valuable information that our clients need for their blue cruise vacation in Greece.

Cabin charter and blue cruise is designed for individuals or smaller groups who are not wishing to charter a full gulet.

By sailing these blue cruises and blue-voyage will have the chance to discover the unseen beauty than an average tourist. These cabin charter itineraries are well planned and timely managed, one week plans by assuring the guest fullest satisfaction.

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